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i30 sets

i30 German Preload Disk

i30 Latin Set

Set from Ilija Petkovski 

Blank style set for making own styles (uploaded by Ilija Petkovski)

Kurdish Set  

Reggae Set (uploaded by Ilija Petkovski with the following message)

“This is a start-reggae set. I made it out of reggae styles from two friends. You probably know them but I put them in ONE set. I also used some variations. Every reggae fan will love them. It is on C16/17/18/21/22/23/24/25/26/27. My request: if anybody can finish the rest of the numbers we will have superb reggae set!

Rap Set (uploaded by Ilija Petkovski)


i30 Programs:

i30 Programs including Korg O1W, X, and lot more (uploaded by Ilija Petkovski)

i30 MP3's

Melos sa sa (uploaded by Ilija Petkovski)

Reggae (by Navid)

Piano Solo (By Anjum Bawani)

Tabla Fun (Navid Syed)

i30 Pictures:

i30, i30 with Cover (uploaded by Ilija Petkovski)


iS40 MP3's

Courtesy of 

Rube from the Caribbean

Just Because 


Be Same


Under Construction !